Bringing Acoustics Home

Enjoy the wonder of a celestial sky along with outstanding acoustical performance.

KINETICS, the company that knows acoustics, is proud to announce Starcoustix™ – the first family of fiber-optic ceilings.

Starcoustix PX Prefabricated Fiber-Optic Acoustical Panels

For the best in beauty, acoustical performance and convenience

Starcoustix SX Customized Acoustical Systems using KINETICS StretchTRAK

Deliver top-of-the-line acoustical performance and customized designs, featuring KINETICS™ StretchTRAK custom wall and ceiling acoustical system.

A versatile acoustical solution that uses KINETICS TAD, VersaTune, HighTones, HighTones2, Stealth, and/or MidTones for an acoustically tuned ceiling design.

Starcoustix GX Grid Ceiling Fiber-Optic Acoustical Panels

Turn your grid ceiling into a thing of beauty – easily and economically

Available in 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' sizes