Bringing Acoustics Home

Illumination Room Acoustics Analysis

You may have heard that “the room is the most important element” to a great listening experience. But how can you be sure you’ve invested in the right acoustical treatments and that they will be deployed properly?

Is your room a dedicated home theater? A media room? Are you a movie viewer, a gamer, a two-channel enthusiast, a sports junkie, or a combination of these? How do these different uses affect the acoustical qualities of your theater or media room?

These are the challenges, and the opportunities, when investing in top-quality acoustical treatments.

For a proper, customized solution, use Kinetics’ Illumination Room Acoustics Analysis.

Illumination applies proven scientific analysis, coupled with the real world experiences of home theater and media room designers, to deliver a room experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

Best of all, Illumination has been priced so that virtually all private theater, media and/or listening rooms can have the benefit of true acoustic analysis!

Included in this service are recommendations for the following:

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Available only through participating Kinetics audio/video dealers and integrators