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Fiberglass Pad Hanger

Model AF


Kinetics Model AF hangers are recommended for use in acoustically isolated ceiling systems.

Acoustical tile ceilings can be supported by Model AF-100 hangers to stop high frequency "buzzing" of the ceiling grid work, caused by equipment such as transformers, chillers, and other mechanical equipment sources in the audible frequency range.

Heavy ceilings of gypsum board and plaster can be supported by Model AF-200 hangers to increase the sound transmission loss.

Standard Model AF hangers are shipped fully assembled and ready for use.


Model AF fiberglass hangers are specifically designed as a noise stop isolator for use in wire-supported, suspended ceiling systems. These hangers are a combination of uniquely permanent, inorganic Kinetics Fiberglass and a zinc-plated metal assembly. This creates a combination that is essentially non-corrosive in all natural environments. The incorporation of galvanized No. 12 gauge wire adapts the Model AF hanger directly into the standard tie wire system used by ceiling installation trades.

Model AF hangers are available in two (2) load ranges:

Both Model AF hangers will carry a 500% overload without failure.



Hangers shall consist of a fiberglass isolator encased in an anti short circuit reinforced steel bracket which will accommodate up to #8 suspension wire or a 1/4" (6.35 mm) bolt or screw.

The fiberglass isolator shall be 1" (25 mm) thick, precompressed, molded fiber glass composed of fiberglass produced by a multiple flame attenuation process which generates nominal fiber diameters not to exceed 0.00022" (5.6 microns) and shall have been stabilized by precompression ten (10) times to three (3) times the maximum rated load of the material used.

The hanger assembly shall be zinc-plated reinforced steel and shall carry a five (5) times maximum rated load overload without failure. Hangers shall be Model AF as manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc

Hanger Model Load Range Max. Deflection
AF-100 20-100 Lbs. (9-46 kg) 0.27" (6 mm)
AF-200 50-200 Lbs. (23-91 kg) 0.18" (4 mm)
Model AF Details