Bringing Acoustics Home

Kinetics Home Theater Acoustics and Noise Control

Kinetics Home Theater specializes in residential room acoustics and soundproofing. Typical applications include home theaters, media rooms, and home recording studios. Our noise control solutions offer peace and quiet from these and other "noisy room" environments such as fitness and laundry rooms, stone and hardwood flooring, and music rooms for instruments such as drums and electric guitars.

Acoustical Wood Collection

Starcoustix Starfield Ceiling

Room Acoustics

Every theater space has unique acoustical challenges and every home theater owner has his or her own personal style. Kinetics' acoustical solutions are engineered to control all aspects of your room's acoustics so your theater sounds outstanding no matter what you're watching while reflecting your tastes.

Sound Isolation

In the world of home theater, acoustical privacy in your living areas is possible with sound isolation technologies. Kinetics' full line of wall, ceiling and floor isolation products control unwanted sound between your home theater and the rest of your home.

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